I was at Daystar the day you spoke and I immediately went to Barnes and Noble, bought the book, and started reading it. I am a retired Airline Capt. and [I] am totally into quantum physics so when you started talking about harmonics and the Hallelujah Chorus and the 10 Commandments, I was ecstatic! I finished the book in one day and everything resonated to me! God is real! His word is real! Thank you for sharing!
— Capt. Sarah I. via Lighthouse Faith
Lauren Green writes from a wealth of spiritually maturing life experiences and wisdom she has collected from her interviewing many of the great thinkers of our time. Reading her book, I was stopping on nearly every page to underline the pearls of wisdom she had penned. Her pearls thrilled my soul and I will be revisiting them often.
Dr. Hugh Ross on Reasons to Believe
This was a challenging read for me. It’s not a simple read.
Rather it is book that compels and challenges the reader to think and absorb.

The writer shares her experience finding a deeper relationship with God after she was challenged and a calling from God to experience him in her everyday life.

This is a great book for the reader looking for a relationship with God.
— Sherry L. via Amazon.com
I have listened to this book on Amazon Audio and fell in love with its simple power. It could have been written by a theologian but was not. Could have been written by a pastoral counselor or therapist but was not. I am so impressed with the book that I have ordered a hard copy and am building a list of those I want to gift the book to.

I’ve been a pastor for over 50 years and have not seen the love of God, his covenant love explained better anywhere. Lauren has woven her experience and understanding of God’s Word into explaining some of life’s most difficult questions. She uses a lighthouse as an allegory to explain in plain terms why the 10 commandments are critical for all of creation. It is a heart warming, heart challenging approach that I found totally refreshing.
— Mike B. via Amazon.com


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